For past generations, your reputation was reflective of concrete things that you did or said, but that has all changed with the Millennial generation and the introduction of the internet. Millennials were the first generation to grow up with email, text, social media and a number of technological breakthroughs and the first to grow up with an online reputation.

Your online reputation is an important aspect of your life now, so how does the generation who grew up with it view its importance? Let’s learn more about millennials and online reputations.

How Millennials See Online Reputations

This is the first time in society that one person can have their entire lives documented and viewable to almost anyone in the outside world. It’s certainly fun to post pictures from a party, or tweets about your terrible airport experience, but now everything you post is part of your online reputation. So, are online reputations something Millennials actually care about?

It’s difficult to tell if Millennials care about their online reputation, but studies seem to suggest that they do and that they are aware of their online reputation. A poll conducted by Weber Shandwick found that while only 26% of Baby Boomers and 37% of Generation Xers think about their reputation “all or most of the time,” nearly half of Millennials at 47% do. Most Millennials are also aware that whatever they post on social media may be viewable by a potential hiring company.

According to Millennial Seth Waite, CMO of, Millennials care very much about how they are viewed online stating, “Millennials have had hard times getting jobs coming out of college. So nobody knows how important it is to curate your image like Millennials.” Digital video producer (and Millennial) Edward Sturm agrees, “Millennials very much care about their reputations. They (myself) included use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to carefully craft their reputations so that people believe them to always be positive, socially conscious, fun loving and adventurous,” says Sturm.

Despite how some may view Millennials, the generation that grew up with smart technology seems to be taking it seriously and doing their best to manage their online reputations. With more than 3 billion people online and every post put under a microscope, it’s more important now than ever for Millennials to build a solid online reputation for their future.