More people than ever before are going online to look for goods and services, read reviews on different companies, and make decisions about who to hire for their job. When a person looks for your company online, what do they see? The hope is that they will see positive reviews and well-thought out articles presenting you or your company as the great help it really is. But what happens if a customer goes online to search for your company and the only thing they see is attacks from your competitor or fake negative reviews? When your online reputation management is under attack, you may need online reputation management services.

Reputation management services and online reputation management is a relatively new service, so not many people and businesses know when it’s appropriate. Let’s figure out if you or your business needs reputation management.

So, Who Needs Reputation Management?

You Need Reputation Management for Your Search Results

When customers search for your company, you want them to see positive results. If a search result to your company points to negative articles or information about your company, you may need reputation management.

You Need Reputation Management to Get Rid of False or Malicious Statements

If your company is being astroturfed (false or misrepresented statements posing as real independent reviews or customer, such as fake negative reviews) or otherwise being attacked with false and malicious statements, reputation management is right up your alley.

You Need Reputation Management for Positive Content

One of the main tactics of reputation management is to fight negative content or statements with positive ones. Not only does positive press help squelch negative press, it will also help your business overall.

You Need Reputation Management for Reputation Litigation

At a point being harassed or attacked online goes from an annoyance to fill blown libel. If it gets to that point you will need a reputation management service to help you organize and gather evidence for reputation litigation.

Reputation attacks have been a part of mankind’s history for centuries, and unfortunately it carries into the online realm as well. If you are being attacked, need to help with negative search results, want positive ones, or feel like the attacks have gotten out of hand to the point of litigation, you will need a reputation management service on your side. Make the call to a reputation management service today to get your good name back.