The great thing about the internet is that it can give anyone a voice, the bad thing about the internet is that there aren’t rules about that voice, so anyone can post anything about anyone! Usually this isn’t a problem, but what happens when people are posting untrue statements about your company, or your competitors are posting false attacks on your business or character? In those cases you may need online reputation management.

Online reputation management is a relatively new service, so most don’t know how it works and what’s involved. Let’s learn more about reputation management in case you need help for yourself or your company.

So, What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management and online reputation management is the process of shaping the perception of yourself or your company online. Basically, reputation management is making sure you or your company is seen in a positive light.

For the most part, your public perception depends on what you and your company says and does, but unfortunately when your business is attacked, that could be what your existing customers or potential customers see. If your website, business, or character is under attack, you may need help with your reputation management from the professionals.

What Can Reputation Management Do For You?

Reputation management and online reputation management are meant to restore your good name from false, malicious, or online attacks from your competitors, individuals, and even anonymous sources.

Online reputation management does not fight fire with fire, but rather seeks to extinguish any fires. Let’s say that one of your competitors posts an article that falsely accuses your company of using cheap materials and overcharging their customers. When potential customers are looking for your service or company they will see this negative content, and it could affect their decisions. Instead of firing back at your competitor reputation management may publish 3 positive articles about the company to push negative content down.

In the case that attacks on your reputation are patently false and malicious, and are harming your business, you may be looking at civil litigation for slander or defamation. Reputation Management services can provide legal help should it come to that.

The main tasks of reputation management are to fight negative content about you or your company, and to promote positive content. If you need help with your online reputation management, make the call to an online reputation management service today.