Twitter has become popular enough that not only do celebrities have Twitter accounts, you’re likely to see several parody accounts of those celebrities too. Browse around Twitter and you’ll quickly be able to find parody accounts like Lord Voldemort (@Lord_Voldemort7) and accounts for long dead historical figures like Abraham Lincoln (@Abe_Lincoln). Parody accounts are nothing new to Twitter and they do fit within Twitter’s user guidelines, but a new “rogue”

Social media began as a quick way for people to connect online but it has since become so much more than that. Not only is social media popular for finding both old and friends on a personal level, it’s also handy for businesses and other figures to connect with their customers. Social media is beneficial to your name or company, but it can also be damaging if there’s compromising material

Snapchat burst onto the social media scene in 2011 and it has been steadily gaining steam and users since. Snapchat is one of the top social media apps in the world currently, and is even publicly traded. Snapchat hasn’t come without controversy though, complaints against the app include invasion of privacy and exploitation. If you own a Snapchat for yourself or your business it’s important to protect your reputation when

Social media has become a worldwide phenomenon that’s not going away anytime soon. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users on its network, and many of those users are businesses or services. Social media has become a fantastic way for businesses to intimately connect with both current and potential customers, so if your business isn’t on social media, you’re really missing out! Unfortunately, it is not all fun and games