It can be difficult for business owners to know exactly what type of online marketing and management their company needs. You have social media marketing, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, and a wealth of other online marketing strategies to stay on top of.

Two of the more popular forms of online marketing and services include SEO and reputation management. If you have been researching different services you may have seen or heard people discussing SEO and reputation management as one-in-the-same, but is this true? Let’s weigh the individual differences between reputation management and SEO to give you an idea of what’s right for you.

Comparing Reputation Management vs. SEO

While online reputation management and SEO may share some similar characteristics, they should be considered separate services from each other. Let’s learn more about their respective differences.


SEO utilizes a variety of tools, techniques, and resources to make a website rank higher on major search engines like Google. In normal SEO, you aren’t necessarily dealing with handling the public relations or image of your company, only how your website ranks when people search online. SEO can deal with everything from proper tags and titles on your site, to your backlink portfolio, to load times on the site. You can think of SEO as a technical tool to move your rankings up, but it doesn’t always deal with reputation management.

Some SEO companies may also offer reverse SEO to help on the reputation management side, but as a whole SEO should be thought of as an independent service that reputation management companies may utilize as part of your campaign.

Reputation Management

Reputation management and online reputation services may and often do use SEO, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reputation management. Reputation management utilizes not only SEO but public relations skills such as positive PR articles, upkeep of a company’s reviews, social media outreach, content creation and more.

Reputation management will utilize certain SEO techniques, specifically long-term positive SEO techniques, like positive content creation, but again, SEO is only one of the tools utilized during a reputation management campaign.

If you need help with either SEO or reputation management, it’s important to know what you’re getting into so you get the right service. It’s best to think of SEO and reputation management as different services, though reputation management services will often utilize SEO, to get the job done.