As more people go online to research people and businesses, the larger the need for online reputation management goes. Reputation management is recommended if you are a public figure, if you are facing untrue statements against your name or company, or if you want to be certain your online perception is true and positive.

There’s one big issue with reputation management; it costs money! Many make the same mistake of not being willing to pay for reputation management, and their online image can suffer because of it. So how much does reputation management cost?

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

Like many other types of services, the cost of your online reputation management is dependent on several factors. Let’s review the factors that will determine what type of prices you’re looking at.

Factors in Determining Cost of Reputation Management

The Extent of the Campaign

How much reputation management do you need? If you only need a few positive articles written about your company or need one picture removed from a social media account, you may not be looking at too high of a cost. A full campaign with reverse SEO, SEO forensics, continued positive content and more. A simple campaign may be as cheap as a few hundred dollars while an extensive campaign with many resources you run tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more time and resources your campaign needs, the higher the cost.

The Extent of the Damage

Some reputation management is part of damage control. The cost of this type of reputation management is dependent on the extent of the damage. If a couple of weeks of reverse SEO can work the problem out, your cost will remain low while a large media campaign to reverse public online perception over a large scale may cost many thousands of dollars. Again, the more there is to reach the goal, the higher the cost you’re looking at.

In the end, the cost of reputation management depends on what you want or need to accomplish. The good news is that most reputation management agencies can sit down with you to discuss your reputation management wants and needs and what types of costs you’re looking at. If you need help with your online reputation management, don’t wait while your image suffers, get in touch with an online reputation management today.