Let’s imagine a scenario: You have been running your flooring business for 10 years in an upstanding manner, and taking care of your customers is your number one goal. One day a potential customer calls up and asks about hiring you to install a new hardwood floor, but mentions an article that states your flooring business uses knockoff materials. How could that be? You’ve always taken care of your customers with the utmost respect and you use the best materials around. You hop online and sure enough, there are several anonymously posted articles besmirching your company, and there are even fake negative reviews from customers you’ve never heard of!

Unfortunately your reputation is under attack, perhaps from a local competitor. You need online reputation management to get rid of these unfound statements, but isn’t that expensive? It can put a business owner in an awkward position if they are being attacked but can’t do anything about it. Let’s learn more about expenses associated with reputation management.

So, Is Reputation Management Affordable?

Like most other services, how much you pay for reputation management largely depends on what you’re up against. A client who only needs a false blog about their company pushed down search results will need much less help compared to a client who is the victim of a full-blown reputation attack.

It also depends on the scale of your business, if your business is concentrated in a local area, reputation management will likely not be too difficult and therefore not too expensive. However if your company serves multiple states, the process could be more complex, and more expensive.

Online reputation management services can range from a few hundred dollars all the way to tens of thousands of dollars. Your best bet at finding reputation management services that you can afford is by seeking out multiple reputation management services and getting estimates on their services. If a reputation management service is a little rich for your blood, the service may be able to offer alternative tactics such as recommending free resources or ways you can help your reputation yourself.

You must remember that you are losing business when your reputation has been roughed up, and reputation management services can buck this trend to help your business grow. If your reputation is being tarnished, the sooner you act, the better.