Before the days of the internet, you only had to deal with the direct consequences of a public relations mess or reputation crisis. That’s not the case anymore. Even a small crisis will affect the public’s perception of who you are and what your business is all about. It can also affect your name or company’s search results when people look for you online. Let’s look at why this is the case and what you can do to right the ship and take care of your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management is More Than You Know

Let’s suppose that you operate a small painting company, things are moving along well for your operation but one day one your employees forget to secure the door of his work van and spills 50 gallons of bright yellow paint all over the highway.

This doesn’t seem too bad on the surface and you can get it taken care of on the public relations side. It could affect your online search results for some time to come. Whenever a potential customer puts in a search query for your painting company, they see the posted and reposted story of the paint spill, and not your excellent reviews and testimonials from your previous companies. Because of the paint spill, you may lose potential customers. These stories may only hang around for a brief time, but they could hang around for months and even years if the story was intriguing. This can be a nightmare for a business owner, so what can you do about it?

Leveraging Online Reputation Management for Your Brand or Business

Just like public relations was created to protect and promote your image or company in the press, online reputation management was created to protect your good name online. Online reputation management uses a variety of different tactics such as positive content and reverses search engine optimization to help push down negative content on your business while simultaneously promoting positive content about your company.

So, when a customer searches for your painting company in the example above, they won’t see any news on the paint incident, all the good things that your past customers must say with you. If you have online reputation issues, your first step turns to an online reputation management service.