Ask any business owner if public perception matters and they’ll answer you with a resounding yes. Your reputation, and how your existing and potential customers perceive you or your company is as important. What does this mean to you? It means that you need to be careful about your reputation everywhere, including online.

You can learn plenty of information about someone by putting their name in one of the major search engines like Google. Your name is your reputation so when someone searches for your name or your company’s name, you must be certain they see things in a positive light. No problem, you say, you’ve performed your own search engine result and you have nothing to hide. It’s always good to check your results, but you may be forgetting one thing.

Any Image of You Can Define Your Reputation Online

When you queried the search results for your name or your company’s name, did you check the images features? Many people don’t and it can come back to haunt them. This happens because of how easy it is to post pictures and videos to various social media channels.

Most people think if they set their social photos to private, or if a photo has been around for a while, only a select few can see it, but that is not always the case. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and others can’t always protect the images you share, even Twitter states you should only provide content you’re comfortable with others seeing.

There might be a compromising photo of you in college that your friend saved a long time ago and uploaded to his blog with your name as the file name. Guess what people might see when they put your name in image search results? It’s not enough to only look at search results, you must always keep your eyes open for damaging or embarrassing pictures. Even one bad image could define your reputation.

If you need help managing your online reputation, consider the services of an online reputation management services. They have the skills and experience to be certain you or your company is always seen in a positive light online.