Social media began as a quick way for people to connect online but it has since become so much more than that. Not only is social media popular for finding both old and friends on a personal level, it’s also handy for businesses and other figures to connect with their customers.

Social media is beneficial to your name or company, but it can also be damaging if there’s compromising material on your social pages.

You’ve likely heard several stories about social media getting someone in trouble, but you don’t want that to happen to you. Let’s learn more about protecting yourself from your social media self.

Protecting Yourself and Your Social Media

Reviewing Older Posts

To best protect your online image you need to vet yourself and your social media past. Pretend that you have no idea who you are and browse both your personal and your company’s social media pages to look for bad information, embarrassing posts, or offensive statements. It helps to use a computer in incognito mode or a computer you’ve never used before as your own past search results may affect what you see. Don’t forget images either! If you see something compromising you can simply remove it.

Get to Private or Direct Messaging When You Can

The last thing a potential customer needs to see is a back and forth argument between you and a customer right on your company’s main Facebook page. If a customer decides to contact you through social media channels do your best to take the conversation to a private messaging system or request the customer give you a call. Don’t engage customers directly on your page unless it’s a thank you or another brief and simple response.

What Happens When Social Media Comes Back to Haunt You

Even when you do your homework you can still miss a compromising post and have it explode on other social media channels. If you’re going through a reputation crisis due to your social media, you need to contact an online reputation management firm right away. They can take the right steps to end your crisis and make sure any potential and current customers see you in the best light.

Make a regular practice to check your social media past, fill up your social media channels with positive content, and take any public social media conversations private. If you do slip up immediately call on an online reputation management to get your image put back together. With these steps you’ll have a killer social media platforms that will have potential customers buzzing.