Reviews and customer ratings are one of the key boxes you must check if you want your business to succeed and you want to take the next steps in establishing your online reputation. There are many reputable sites where customers can review businesses but one review site is notorious for defamatory statements, unfound claims, and false information – was started as a way for the little guy to fight back against unfair treatment and while that is still the central theme of RipOffReport, the reality is that the site has caused nightmares for many small business owners. RipOffReport complaints are anonymous and not screened for accuracy, so what can do to protect yourself? Let’s review steps in dealing with complaints on

Dealing with Rip Off Report

Saying Your Sorry

Look at the complaint. If the complaint is false, exaggerated, or insulting you can move onto the next steps but if you did mess up, say you’re sorry! When you need to (and sometimes when you don’t need to) you should apologize and try to fix the customer or client’s issue. Rectifying the situation is your best move but the original report will still appear on RipOffReport, even if the customer feels it is resolved.

Make A Response

If the statement is false don’t just scoff and move on, you may know its false but potential customers don’t. Write a response for any untrue or inaccurate statements to explain your side of the story. Again, even if the statement made is patently false, the complaint will remain and customers will have to scroll to the bottom of the post to see any responses.

RipOffReport’s VIP Program

RipOffReport’s voluntary, impartial, private (VIP) arbitration program is helpful for complaints, but at a cost. If you are a member of RipOffReport’s VIP program ($2000 annually) you can submit any untrue statements or inflammatory comments directly to a RipOffReport arbitrator. The arbitrator reviews the report and the complaint and will remove or redact information from the complaint as they see fit. But this is RipOffReport remember? Even if the arbitrator rules in your favor they will only redact portions of the report known to be false, and the complaint will remain on their site.


Other Ways to Fight Back

You can’t hire a lawyer every time someone writes a bad comment about you but you can fight for your online reputation. You can hire an online defamation defense to protect your reputation with monitoring, reverse SEO, positive content, and other strategies. Hiring an online reputation management firm is one of the best moves you can make to protect yourself.

Getting a complaint on RipOffReport can be a major headache as RipOffReport doesn’t make it easy to fix complaints even they’re wrong or malicious. You can try the above-mentioned suggestions to boost your reputation after a complaint but you may have to take legal action to get anything on RipOffReport permanently removed.