The internet has created a new way to promote and do business, but there is a dark side to the internet. Anyone can say anything anonymously, whether those statements are true or not. This means that anyone can badmouth your business or leave a fake review, and there’s not much you can do about it. You can’t print malicious or libelous statements in newspaper and magazines, and you can’t slander someone on the TV, so why is it so easy to do it online? Let’s review some of the challenges facing online defamation.

3 Challenges You’ll Face When Overcoming Online Defamation

Authorities Aren’t Well Trained in Cyber Crime

Our boys in blue do a lot for us but most units are under-trained in cyber-crimes. This is true when it comes to attacks when only one entity, such as your business, is involved. This makes it very difficult for an individual or small business to get the help they need to tackle online harassment.

Who Do You Go After?

Users can post content anywhere on the internet anonymously, so how do you go after someone anonymous online? There’s no special trick you can use. Tracking an anonymous user down is an exhausting. Sometimes it’s an expensive process. Due to the effort and resources, it can take to track down the perpetrators of the online crime, many people choose not to. You can’t sue an anonymous user profile.

The Offending Content Can Be Difficult to Take Down

Even in the best-case scenario that an anonymous user is tracked down, penalized, and forced to remove the offending content, it can remain in search engines results. Not to mention the attention that any court case brings could compound your problems, though this is for high-profile cases.

Take poorly trained authorities, anonymous postings, and add search results to the mix, and you have a difficult process handling cyber harassment. If you are experiencing malicious attacks on your name or company, consider hiring a reputation management service. Reputation management services use public relations, cyber forensics, reputation litigation, and reverse SEO to help restore your good name.