Online reputation management can be a tricky thing. When your reputation is being attacked, it can be annoying, but at a point being bad-mouthed online can turn from an inconvenience into a legal issue. When online attacks on your reputation begin to affect your business or good name, you may need legal help, and Reputation SEO can help you with that.
Federally appointed SEO expert witness Sean Hakes lead the Reputation SEO team. Sean’s years of experience with online reputation management and SEO means that he has the knowledge of the inner workings of SEO, and the court system agrees. There are many online reputation management services and countless SEO services out there, but few can give you the backing of a court-appointed expert witness.

Why Does an Expert Witness Matter for Reputation Management?

Reputation litigation can be a tricky situation for the courtroom. Is the plaintiff being attacked with malicious intent? Are the statements or attacks untrue? Are the outlined attacks coming from the defendant? Judges and court officials have sharp minds, but they can’t have working knowledge on every topic, especially one as complex as online reputation management, SEO, and personal online attacks. This is why courts will appoint an expert witness for expert testimony. When you have a federally appointed expert witness as an arbitrator or even an expert witness acting on your behalf, you can have the facts on your side.

Do You Need Expert Witness Help?

Reputation SEO and Reputation SEO’s expert witness help can help you deal with many different types of online reputation management including:

  • Online harassment from competitors
  • False or malicious content about you or your company
  • Arbitration
  • Reputation management forensics
  • All litigation dealing with online reputation management

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with online harassment, defamation, or libel, take some action! Give Reputation SEO a call today to set up a no-obligation legal consultation. You can have your good name restored with Reputation SEO on your side.

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