Snapchat burst onto the social media scene in 2011 and it has been steadily gaining steam and users since. Snapchat is one of the top social media apps in the world currently, and is even publicly traded. Snapchat hasn’t come without controversy though, complaints against the app include invasion of privacy and exploitation.

If you own a Snapchat for yourself or your business it’s important to protect your reputation when using social media like Snapchat. Let’s read up on rules to live by when it comes to Snapchat so you always stay protected.

7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Reputation and Privacy When Using Snapchat

Remember, Other Users Can Save Your Snaps

The pull of Snapchat was that you could send a snap and it would disappear within a few seconds. This may give you the urge to snap objectionable material but your snaps CAN be saved. Snapchat alerts you when someone captures a snap but it may not be able to do if the other user is using a third-party application. If you don’t want the picture saved, don’t snap it.

You Can Download Snapchat’s Data

You can request regular data logs from Snapchat. This allows you to see what Snapchat is sharing with others like advertisers. Knowing where your information is going is always helpful to head off any issues.

Watching for Hacking

As millions of users found out on Christmas Eve of 2013, Snapchat is hackable. Snapchat has since updated their security protocol but keep an eye on you and your friend’s regular activities to monitor for signs of hacking.

There May Be More Eyes Than You Think Looking at Your Snaps

Just because you send a snap to one person doesn’t mean they’re the only one who will see it. Keep this thought in the back of your mind anytime you snap.

Snapchat and Driving

Never use Snapchat while operating a vehicle no matter the temptation.

Location Tracking

Always be cautious displaying where you are. When you let everyone know you are in Italy for two weeks you are also letting everyone know your apartment won’t be occupied for two weeks. Be smart about sharing your location.

Read the Terms of Agreement and Privacy Statement

Yes, it’s tedious but nothing can hurt reading the entire Privacy and Terms of Service from Twitter. You may find items that could compromise your name or brand right in the fine print.

If you follow those tips you’re much more likely to have a safe and productive use of Snapchat. Remember if you are ever hesitant when thinking about posting something questionable to Snapchat, just don’t do it.