Social media has become a worldwide phenomenon that’s not going away anytime soon. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users on its network, and many of those users are businesses or services. Social media has become a fantastic way for businesses to intimately connect with both current and potential customers, so if your business isn’t on social media, you’re really missing out!

Unfortunately, it is not all fun and games when it comes to social media. You may have a fantastic page with many followers but one social media gaffe could wreck your entire company. Let’s learn more about social media mistakes and how they might cost you.

3 Ways Social Media Mess-Ups Can Wreck Your Company

Internet Justice Doesn’t Care About Circumstances

Let’s say you own a carpet cleaning business and as a lighthearted joke, you post a tweet about white carpets that seems to have racial undertones. It doesn’t matter that it’s a joke, it doesn’t matter if your company and its customers understand the satire, if that tweet is read out of context by one person, you can be in for a rollercoaster ride. The anonymous internet mob is like the mobs with pitchforks and torches of old. They don’t care about circumstances or your reputation, or your good history, once the mob gets going, it can be difficult to stop.

Social Media Punishment is Always an Unfair Sentence to the Actual Crime

In most cases, an off-color joke or unfortunate comment may be met by a little backlash in the real world, but it’s a much different beast when it comes to social media. The punishment and fallout for social media slip-ups can and will be used against you. There’s no such thing as cruel and unusual punishment when it comes to social media. The fallout can last for months and even years for one simple mistake.

Yes, Your Online Reputation Can be Ruined with One Mistake

It only takes one slip up to completely ruin your social media presence. On the internet, no one cares about the sum of all your social media past or how great your company really is, they will hang on to that one mistake. A simple off color Facebook comment could tank your entire social media presence in the right circumstances.

Always think before you hit share or submit to your social media sites as even one slip up could ruin your reputation for years to come. If you need help with your online reputation, contact an online reputation agency to figure out the best ways for customers to see the good you do, and to help rid yourself and your site of the negative.