Ask any business owner if public perception matters and they’ll answer you with a resounding yes. Your reputation, and how your existing and potential customers perceive you or your company is as important. What does this mean to you? It means that you need to be careful about your reputation everywhere, including online. You can learn plenty of information about someone by putting their name in one of the major

The internet has created a new way to promote and do business, but there is a dark side to the internet. Anyone can say anything anonymously, whether those statements are true or not. This means that anyone can badmouth your business or leave a fake review, and there’s not much you can do about it. You can’t print malicious or libelous statements in newspaper and magazines, and you can’t slander

Let’s imagine a scenario: You have been running your flooring business for 10 years in an upstanding manner, and taking care of your customers is your number one goal. One day a potential customer calls up and asks about hiring you to install a new hardwood floor, but mentions an article that states your flooring business uses knockoff materials. How could that be? You’ve always taken care of your customers

More people than ever before are going online to look for goods and services, read reviews on different companies, and make decisions about who to hire for their job. When a person looks for your company online, what do they see? The hope is that they will see positive reviews and well-thought out articles presenting you or your company as the great help it really is. But what happens if